This is Dan's website; its purpose is to distribute the campaign data and the game data needed to play and run the game. To organize that data in one spot; in an easily searched set of indexes. It will also say what I will allow in my game worlds. As I try new game systems then more information will be posted.


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The data presented is, for the most part, copyrighted by the Wizards of the Coast and the illustrations are copyrighted by the artists.

The information is re-presented here so you can get all the feats in 1 location, all the Prestige classes in 1 location and so on.


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The data is culled from material published by the Wizards of the Coast and the illustrations are coyrighted by the artists. The Rokugan setting ends during the time of the 4 Winds when the emperor died without leaving a heir. His four children quarreled among themselves to determine who would become emperor while the forces of the Shadowlands tried to come in and take advantage of the chaos. Wizards of the Coast stopped their association with LR5 the creators of the Legends of the Five Rings game series. That game is not covered on this website and it continues on. I will not be using that extra information or anything published in the LR5 books. If you want to use information from them in my game then that would be allowed, for oriental characters, on a case-by-case basis.

I will NOT at any point consider working with Edition 4.0; it is considered to be a mistake by many people, myself among them. Computer role playing games are as to real role playing games as the Boy Scouts are to the United States Marines. If you want to play a computer style role playing game then tune in to your box and drop out, the rest of us will be playing the REAL roleplaying games.


Pazio created Pathfinder to expand on D&D 3.5 and avoid taking the direction of 4th or 5th edition D&D. Many people think that 4th edition was a mistake. Fifth edition, D&D Next appears to be the next incarnation and I prefer Pathfinder so I will be sticking to that system. Since most of the Pathfinder work has been done for me on the d20 PSFRD webstie there is very little that I will have to do. However, there is some stuff unique to my world therefore I have a seperate table of contents to those changed pages.

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To Continue go to the Trinity Table of Contents. The data is culled from White Wolf sources and the illustrations are copyrighted by the artists. You can also check out the Trinity Wiki. It is not complete, but it is a start.


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